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Yamaha Tenori On

Articles about Yamaha Tenori On:

iPad Tenori On

iPad Music Software:  The iOS version of the Yamaha Tenori On, TRN-i, is now available in the App Store for $19.99.

The iOS version of the Tenori On, according to Yamaha, a ’faithful duplication of the TENORI-ON concept and its design and interface, which were developed under the supervision of Toshio Iwai.’

Note: There’s lots of interesting discussion about hardware vs software in our previous post about TNR-i & the Tenori On.

If you’ve used TNR-i, leave a comment with your thoughts! Read more…


Koushion iPad MIDI Controller

Kudzu Creative Group has released Koushion, a MIDI controller for the iPad, that they say is ‘more versatile than the Tenori On’.


  • 16-step sequencer with adjustable timing. Each step can be as large as a whole note and as small as 1/32 note.
  • 8 selectable scenes/banks that can be played individually, simultaneously, or in automatic succession.
  • Each scene is assignable to any MIDI channel so you can control up to 8 MIDI instruments at once.
  • Improvising or playing along with a band? Dial a key and the notes will change to match the new key!
  • Syncs to any MIDI clock source available to your computer.
  • Works with all major (and not-so-major) MIDI-capable production software on your Mac or PC.
  • Perfect for adding some spice to a live set when paired with Ableton Live.

Koushion is $9.99 in the App Store. Details & demo below.  Read more…