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Articles about Voltage:

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Sunday Synth Jam:  Chris Stack’s I Sing With An Electric Voice is a demonstration of “Electric Voice”, a voice processing system comprising an Alesis Micron Vocoder and a TC-Helicon Voiceworks vocal processor.

Additional expressive capabilities are provided by a Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin CV Controller and a Moog MF-101 Low Pass Filter.

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Here’s something for those of you sick of all those iPad-shmipad Synthtopia-sells-out-to-Steve-Jobs iPhone music software posts: an no iPad, one-cigarette, two modular synthesizer, three screwdriver synth jam – from MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth himself!

Don’t try this with your iPad, guys. It won’t end pretty.

Tech details below.  Leave a comment with your thoughts!
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