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voltage control

Articles about voltage control:

This is a presentation of the new ADDAC102 Voltage-Controlled FM RADIO – a voltage-controller FM radio for your modular synthesizer.

FM synthesis may never be the same.  Read more…


YouTube Preview Image

This is a short demo of the Metasonix r54 Supermodule Vacuum Tube Oscillator and Filter

via bigcitymusic:

This is a very simple patch just to give you and idea of the tones. The Analogue Solutions Oberkorn III is sequencing our pitch and gate control voltages. The Malekko/Wiard Envelator is our envelope generator and it’s controlling the Metasonix r51 VCA.

The Metasonix R54 Supermodule is available now for $325.

Details on the Metasonix R54 Supermodule Vaccum Tube Oscillator and Filter below. Read more…