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Articles about Volta:

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Sonic State has a new Eurorack modular in the lab. So, in his latest video, Nick explores the capabilities of the Expert Sleepers line of control modules, which is designed to let you integrate control-voltage analog gear into a digital audio workstation.

This level of deep computer integration is a fairly major leap forward in modular synthesis – so this is a must-see video, if you’re into modular gear.

See the Expert Sleepers site for more details, along with Sonic State’s full review and our own previous posts on the Expert Sleepers modules.

If you’re using Expert Sleepers modules already, or MOTU’s Volta, let us know how you are using them!


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Holistic Additives – Modular synth + Monopoly + Volta

I’m not sure about Dr Vague’s math – but I’m pretty sure it adds up to a computer-controlled modular synth jam.

via doctorvague:

Volta, 4 trigger streams to a switcher to a Moon Modular trigger sequencer and on out to a Monopoly arpeggiator etc.

It’s as fun as it looks. I jammed to a different loop than you’re hearing