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Articles about VCS3:

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This set of videos captures Alka’s improvisations on the EMS Synthi AKS Mk 1 analog synthesizer.

The EMS Synthi AKS has been in production, if only with extremely limited availability, since 1972. It’s notable for its suitcase design, matrix synthesizer patching and popularity with synth pioneers, including Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd.

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Ever wonder why people were so freaked out in the 60’s?

Maybe it was disillusionment over racism, sexism, consumerism and war.

But, then again, maybe it was because kids had to watch disturbing public safety films like this one.

One Got Fat features one kid in a monkey mask after another dying tragically, because they didn’t obey traffic laws. That’ll teach those monkeys!

via simonsound1:

You should be watching me turning the dials and patching the pins on the EMS Synthi VCS3, but my video camera corrupted the file.

So instead you get to hear the VCS3 provide a new soundtrack for the strange cycling safety film from the 60’s ‘One Got Fat’.

I didn’t ‘write to picture’ so its no work of art! But I do think the VCS3 offers a suitably weird soundtrack to this already odd film.