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Tip Top Audio

Articles about Tip Top Audio:

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The President Of North Korea, doing his best to look like synthesist and sound designer Richard Devine, shows off his awesome modular synth and indulges in the decadences of Trash Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8.

Trash Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8 not only has the longest name ever for a synth meet up, but they apparently have to make it two days long so people can recover from the first day.

If you made it to Trash Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8 and made it back without getting dry-humped by a beast, leave a comment with your secrets.

via trashaudio


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This video, via Trash_Audio, offers a video look at a day in the life of Alessandro Cortini.

It’s also a monster slice of synth porn and the best ad for Buchla synths that Don Buchla could hope for.

Looks like Cortini leads a pretty sweet life – except for all those cats, of course. Read more…