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Articles about TB-303:

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This video, via Gameboygenius, takes a look at the hidden MIDI in and MIDI out support that’s built into the Korg Monotribe, including .

The video demonstrates two ways of using MIDI In to control the Korg Monotribe:

1) As a TB-ish synth.
2) Creating instruments on the fly by sending new automation data for each new note.

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Sunday Synth Jam: A live techno jam, based on the techno classic Acid Tracks, via 2cv:

what you hear is the TR-707. TR-727 and the TB-303. As per the original everything is drenched in reverb and I added a very slight tube distortion on the TB-303 since on the original recording it sounds a little driven.

Sure this jam is not 100% perfect but certainly very close, enjoy!

Phuture’s original Acid Tracks (1987) helped create the acid house genre.