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Articles about Synthax:

NAMM Show Update: Synthax Audio AG is shipping RME´s ADI-8 QS, a new highly flexible and fully featured 8-channel AD/DA converter.

The device combines excellent analog circuit design with low latency AD/DA converters. The compact 19”/1U device has a host of features, including analog and digital limiters, 4 hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu, AES/EBU and ADAT I/O up to 192 kHz, optional MADI I/O, remote control via MIDI, remote digital input trimming for full input calibration, remote volume control for all 8 analog outputs, either separately, globally, ganged and much more.

The analog inputs and outputs feature the same circuitry as RME’s well-established ADI-8 series, ensuring excellent signal to noise ratio and low THD. On the digital side, SteadyClock, RME’s unique clock technology and jitter suppression, further enhances the list of features, ensuring the best sound quality regardless of the quality of the reference clock signal. The QS uses the latest AD- and DA-converter circuits with up to 192 kHz, with S/N ratios of 120 dBA. New digital filters reduce the conversion delay from over 40 samples to just 8 samples.

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NAMM Show Update: RME/Synthax Audio AG today announced their first recording solutions for the new PCI-Express bus found in current Apple OS and Windows based desktop computers.

The HDSPe PCI Card and the HDSPe MADI card are newly engineered PCI-Express versions of their PCI successors. Still based on RME’s famous Hammerfall DSP series features and quality the new PCI-Express core ensures full compatibility and maximum performance with the latest high-speed serial bus technology found in all newer motherboards and computers. Furthermore RME´s FPGA core ensures full update capability via RME’s Secure Flash technology, for further hardware and driver updates.

The HDSPe PCI Card is a short length PCIe x1 card that provides RME´s own high-speed serial audio data bus, as used in the Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface and RPM. These systems are owned and used by ten thousands of audio professionals around the planet. If users are looking for a no-compromise high-speed audio solution combined with ultimate compatibility, these devices are still state of the art. The Multiface II and Digiface solutions combine some of the highest possible audio transmission rates and low-latency features you can realize with card-based interface techniques, faster than most serial solutions; combined with flexible connectivity. Artists and studios all over the world rely on these combinations. With the HDSPe PCI Card the further use of the existing range of RME´s I/O boxes in next generation computers is secured. As a special addition, the new HDSP PCIe series is prepared to support the use of the TCO, RME’s Time Code Option, with Multiface/II and Digiface.

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