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Articles about stylophone:

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Michael Hearst’s Ode To Odd Instruments, performed on Knockman “Chachak,” daxophone, Hohner Claviola, bass Melodica, Stylophone, Otamatone, Moog theremin, Elasticbrand Audioware rattle & porter’s bell.

Also featuring Maddie the cat.

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Dr Bleep has announced that the Bleep Labs Nebulophone – an Arduino-based stylus synthesizer – has been updated.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Five new waveforms including two with dual, detuned oscillators.
  • Programmable sequencer to easily make your own arpeggios right on the Nebulophone.
  • Perfect tuning across six octaves.
  • Improved white noise mode.
  • Adjustable temperment and key.
  • HYPERNOISE 30XX mode.

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