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Articles about sitar:

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EHX’s Bill Ruppert continues his excellent series, Electro-Harmonix Effectology, with a look at creating “world music” sounds using just a guitar and effects pedals.

The Effectology series explores the idea of using EHX effects pedals in a modular manner to create sounds that are far removed from the traditional sound of the guitar.

You an get pedal setting details at the EHX forum.


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Syntheway Virtual Sitar, demo’d above, is a VST instrument designed to emulate the Indian Sitar.


  • Mastered sitar samples recorded with special equipment in a low noise environment. Full length sustain, no loops (natural decay).
  • Includes 18 predefined sounds.
  • Optimized CPU and memory usage.
  • ADSR envelope generator with Attack, Sustain, Decay and Release parameters and several modulation targets.
  • Multiple-Mode Filter: The values are automatically computed when you select any of the filter types. Filter switch includes: LP (Low pass), BP (Band pass), HP (High pass), notch, peak, low pass and high pass shelving filter with adjustable cutoff and bandwidth.
  • Variable room simulation. Reverb effect can control the “room ambience”.
  • MIDI Automation: Added complete MIDI CC#.

The Sitar is a Hindustani classical stringed instrument which utilizes sympathetic strings along with regular strings and a gourd resonating chamber to produce a very distinctive sound. It was popularized by “legendary sitar virtuoso” and composer Ravi Shankar in the 1960s.

More details at the Syntheway site. Read more…