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Sampling powerhouse Tonehammer has announced that they are shutting down, because of creative differences, and creating two new companies:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are here to make three announcements.

The passing away of Tonehammer. The birth of two separate companies and a final sale at 50% off some of our most popular libraries, which lasts until July 31st 2011.

Essentially we’ve decided to take sampling in different directions, which means you will have even more and diverse sample catalogs to choose from.

Tonehammer will cease to exist on August 1st 2011. All Tonehammer sample libraries however will be carried forward by two new separate companies:

8Dio (by Troels Folmann)
Soundiron (by Mike Peaslee)

The two companies will officially re-launch all Tonehammer products on August 1st 2011 – and don’t worry – you will continue to receive full and ongoing support for all libraries you’ve purchased from us.

To go out with a bang, Tonehammer has put some of its most popular libraries on sale for 50% off, from July 15th until July 31st 2011, at



Brick Wall Audio has released SYKLIX, a free sample library, inspired by the electronic sounds of the TRON: Legacy and Blade Runner soundtracks.

Free, Blade Runner & Tron is about all you probably need to hear -but here’s BWA’s summary for the free sample library:

You will find an assortment of crunchy basses, sharp leads, plucks, pads, a crushed drum kit and more! Featuring single cycle waveforms and intuitive controls courtesy of DNR Collaborative Designs, Syklix begs to be tweaked, touched and caressed!

SYKLIX is designed to work perfectly with Deviant Atmospheres, Deviant States, Advanced Distortion and Metallic Dreams.

Details at the Brick Wall Audio siteRead more…