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reactive music

Articles about reactive music:

Air-Blog-ArtworkJust in time for Valentines Day, RJDJ has partnered with the French music duo Air to launch a new application, Love by Air (App Store link) that creates reactive music, based on their single Love.

Air, made up of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, worked with RJDJ to create five, real-time “soundscapes” that enable fans to listen to Love in a new way, as an exclusive app only version.

The app offers five reactive music remixes for Love:

  • Chanter – puts your voice in the music, letting you sing, speak or add your own sounds into the mix
  • Harmonie – vocodes sounds in realtime and makes them harmonise with the music
  • Papillon – samples tiny segments of sounds and creates audio butterflies from them, flying around inside the music
  • Voler – creates a rising texture of sound by sampling reality and layering / filtering them with the music
  • Voyage – takes you on a musical journey through all of the soundscapes

The RJDJ Air App is now available in the Apple App Store for $1.99.


YouTube Preview Image

This is a video preview of RJC 1000 – a music production tool for creating music for “smart” music players, like the iPhone:

Using this software, you will get access to a growing number of reactive music modules such as the worldquantizer and twistybass. They will make it easy for you to create very engaging new music experiences by integrating the players accelerometer, microphone, compass or signal processing facilities into your music.

You can now create tracks where the movements of a listener control the melody of your song or the percussive noises in the listeners environment become part of the beat structure of your song.

Apply a range of realtime effects such as Eargasms or Dub Delays to the players microphone and combine the result with your music. This is reactive music, this is the 21st century ;-)

via RjDjme