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reactive music

Articles about reactive music:

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iPad Music Software: This is a demo of RjDj Rj Voyager featuring Booka Shade.

If you’ve tried this out, leave a comment with your thoughts on it! Read more…


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RJC1000 is the first music production suite designed for making reactive versions of your music.

RJC1000 lets you create scenes using a library of included “reality modules”. The scenes can be listened to by anyone with RjDj’s free iPhone application.

  • You can create music where the movements of a listener control the melody of your song or the percussive noises in the listeners environment become part of the beat structure of your song.
  • All of the iPhone’s sensors, such as accelerometer, microphone, compass, clock, GPS, etc., can control your musical experience.
  • Apply a range of realtime effects such as Eargasms or Dub Delays to the player’s microphone and combine the result with your music.
  • Page your scenes to control the flow of the music.

RJC1000 is available in beta form for OS X as a free download.