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Articles about Propellerhead:

Reason Refill Missing PiecesNavi Retlav sent word of Missing Pieces – Feedback Echo – a Refill for Propellerhead Reason.

Here what Retlav has to say about the new Reason Refill:

It contains unique collection of Feedback Echo effect combinators.

There is one important big difference between normal and feedback based echo.

Inside those effects audio signal is processed with each echo repetition, so with time it gets more distorted
and depends on feedback amount, it may vanish or transform in to completely new sound.

For example signal can be processed by Neptune, so with each repetition it will be pitched up, until it reach selected filter frequency. Combining with short delay time it can generate unique filter sweep sounds.


  • Total 203 combinator patches for Reason 5+Record, Reason 6 or above.
  • 3 Main combinator feedback echo FX combinator devices.
  • 85 Clasic feedback “Echo” combinator presets
  • 65 Neptuned feedback “Ncho” combinator presets
  • 50 Vocoded feedback “Vcho” combinator presets
  • 2 Template songs for creating own unique analog echo sounds.
  • 19 Combinator skins in reason clip colors.
  • Reason/Record .rps Demo songs
  • PDF Documentation with useful tips.

Missing Pieces – Feedback Echo is priced at US $15. Details and demo audio are available at the NaviRetlav site.


YouTube Preview Image

World – the time has come to push the button and pulverise!

Creative destruction is the theme of the new Pulveriser, part of Propellerhead Reason 6.  According to the Propellerhead propellerheads, it’s the tool to grab when it’s time to squash, add dirt and generally get filthy with your sound.

This official ‘micro tutorial’ gives you the rundown on what to expect from the new Pulveriser.

Reason 6 is on the way, coming Sept 30th, 2011.