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Articles about PrecisionSound:

Precisionsound has released Angelic Vocal Pads 4.

Angelic Vocal Pads 4 has been recorded with two female singers in multiple takes and mixed in stereo. The recordings has been treated and seamlessly looped to get an airy lush sound.

The SampleSet contains:

  • 417 WAV files (387 MB) divided into;
  • 29 programs for the HALion, Kontakt versions (24 bit 44.1 KHZ Stereo)
  • 5 programs for the SoundFont version (16 bit 44.1 KHZ Stereo)
  • The SoundFont versions are 100% compatible with all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format, like Gigastudio, HALion, Kontakt, EXS24, V-Sampler, NN-XT, Dimension, Sfz, Audigy , Emulator X and more.

Angelic Vocal Pads 4 costs $39 (+$11 if you want it on CD).


Ethno PercussionPrecisionsound has introduced a new percussion loop library, Ethno Percussion Collection Volume 1 – DAF.

The DAF is a Middle Eastern frame drum, a percussion instrument with a very distinctive sound. The library is the first release in the Ethno Percussion Collection series, which focuses on making very detailed single shot percussion libraries.

Several layers (up to 8 layers per sample) allow a true and natural response to key playing. The DAF has hands, sticks and mallet programs plus two programs of whooshes and FXs.

Ethno Percussion Collection Vol.1 – DAF contains 689 24bit stereo WAV files. Read more…