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Articles about PrecisionSound:

PSD85_bigPrecisionSound has released D-85, a new sample library for EXS24 HALion Kontakt & SoundFont.

The Yamaha Electone D-85 is the source of sounds in the fourth volume of the Vintage Keyboard Collection.


The D-85 was released in 1980 and designed as an home organ a grandmas organ, for the “loaded” grandmas though, cause the price tag was around $10000. The D-85 is completely analog and uses a technique called PASS (Pulse Analog Synthesis System) developed for the legendary Electone GX-1. The sound of the D-85 is rich warm big and very much analog synth and not typical organ. Read more…


Precisionsound has released Retro Gadgets Vol.4, a sample library featuring a bunch of rare and unique sounding instruments.

The instruments:

  • Polivox Faemi mini – A very rare organ/synth produced in USSR.
  • Concept 2000 – Some sort of educational keyboard with a plastic edge to the sound.
  • Mix Me DJ – The complete DJ/Scratch/synth production studio for children containing a lot of lo-fi 8 bit noises.
  • Yamaha PS1 – A great sounding analogue home keyboard from the early -80ties.
  • Stylophone Woodstyle – The square version of the cult keyboard from UK with a more snappy sound that the black and white versions.

The complete Retro Gadgets vol.4 contains.

  • 453 24bit mono wav files.
  • 4 Rx2 files
  • 38 programs for HALion 1.1 and above
  • 42 programs for NI Kontakt 1.2 and above.