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Articles about Oberheim:

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a synth jam, Pulsator, that’s heavy on the old-school analog synths and sequencers.

Here are the details, via synthjunk:

Music composition based around old skool sequencing programming combined with some edgy synth sounds. Featuring Jomox Xbase09 drums, SH101 & Pro-one sequences, Juno & JP8 arpeggiators, JP6 lead, Prodigy bassnotes, plus other bits & pieces. Hope you enjoy it.


Oberheim Son Of Four Voice Synthesizer

Tom Oberheim, one of the most revered names in the history of analog synths, has released additional information and pricing on his ‘latest’ synthesizer – the Son Of Four Voice.

The Son Of Four Voice brings together four monophonic SEM synth modules to create one polyphonic MIDI-controlled analog monster synth. Read more…