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Articles about nanoKontrol:

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The Crying Gadgets 01.

This song was composed with iElectribe  (iPad app) and Korg Kaossilator Pro.

The Crying Gadgets are an electronic music duo consisting of S_Ishimaru (cyberspacecowboys) and Denkitribe

via TheCryingGadgets


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Cuckoo demo’s the new Plogue Chipsounds.

via cuckoomusic:

I bought this new plug-in called Plogue Chipsounds and took it for a spin. I must say it sounds fantastic. I’m going through a couple of the chips, perform and loop live to see how it all sounds.Best regardsCUCKOOMore on Cuckoo:http://www.cuckoo.noMore on Plogue Chipsounds: