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Devo is bizaare as ever with their music video for What We Do.

An interactive version of the video is available here.


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Do “Real Bands Use Real Synths”?

That’s the claim of keyboardist Jeffrey McFerson, part of the So Cal band Northern Labour Party. They have just released their music video for their tune Less Than Three.

McFerson sends word, via that Submit A Story page, that the Northern Labour Party hasn’t “succumbed to the iPad and soft synth craze. They still use the Minimoog Voyager and Alesis Andromeda for both live gigs and studio recordings.”

While it’s great that McFerson is carrying the banner for live synth performance, the anti soft synth rhetoric is a little harsh. A band can suck just as hard using hardware synths as software synths.

What do you think? Do “Real Bands Use Real Synths”?

And, if you’re in a “real band” that uses software synths, how about sharing some mind-blowing performance videos?