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Articles about music toys:

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This is a sneak preview of an upcoming NES controller to CV interface. 

The NES controller to CV interface will let you control your expensive modular synth with a cheap game controller.

Awesomely geeky? Read more…


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SpritesMods had published a guide to using a GameBoy Advance as a MIDI synthesizer:

So, does it work? Quite well actually. At first I was planning on just converting the 4 GameBoy Classic sound channels to MIDI, but it seems I’ve ran away with the concept a bit…

The end result is quite nice, though, there are lots of sounds to be gotten from the little GBA and it actually has become a fun-to-use little and cheap synthesizer.

See the SpritesMod site for details. The firmware for both the AVR- and the GBA-code is open-source and can be downloaded here.