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Articles about music game:

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This video demonstrates the Mau5Bot Sequencer – a Deadmau5 inspired music game/sequencer that lets you make music in a 3D environment as a Mau5bot.

spindizzyman notes that the Mau5Bot Sequencer was ‘Created for fun by our game team!’ – but we’d be interested in seeing more experiments with this sort of gaming/sequencing combination.


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This video, via LuckyButtonPusher, captures a jam with Rhythm Core Alpha, a music workstation for the Nintendo DSi:

100% Rhythm Core Alpha. This time I used the lo-fi sounds (mainly Square, Saw and C64 samples) and tried to assemble retro tunes whith many tones and some arpeggio sounds, which personally remind me of my Game Boy childhood. Are you a Lo-Fi Johnny, too?

Amazing: You can play all your patterns (blocks) in realtime and even change the key/mode of your created tunes automatically. LIVE !!!

Thank you very much again for this awesome DSiWare release and keep up the good work, SoftEgg!!!