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Articles about ms20:

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here are a couple of new synth jams via Chris Randall.

Here’s what Randall has to say about micronaut – experiment one, above:

Having a bit of fun with the new equipment set-up, and trying to get a feel for the workflow. This piece is entirely sequenced from an Apply //e and Roland CMU-800R. I’m recording in to Ableton Live, but there are no samples or pre-recording. This track is 100% live.

The quick arpeggio sound, drums, and 16th note pulse are coming from the CMU-800R. The low bass note is from a Korg MS20 running through a Roland RE-201 Space Echo, and the main melody sound is coming from the Doepfer modular (in this case a TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillator, plus some Doepfer shit) and running through a Realistic Electronic Reverb and an Eventide TimeFactor. I used a couple instances of Audio Damage Eos for the main reverb inside the DAW, but that’s the only computer effect.

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This video is a live demo & comparison between the Korg iMS-20, running on an iPad, versus the original classic analog synthesizer, the Korg MS-20.

The comparison, via modul8tor, is “Not an academical approach, just some playing to get you the idea with some tunes.”

So what’s the verdict?

For Modul8tor, at least, its simple. “If you happen to have an MS-20 laying somewhere, go with that. Otherwise, buy the iMS-20 and enjoy the drums section!”

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