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Moog synthesizers

Articles about Moog synthesizers:

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Moog Music has moved into its new production facility in Asheville, NC.

Moog’s new facility is a former auto dealership building that had fallen into disrepair. The warehouse was once a horse stable. Moog announced the purchase of the building in May of 2010.

In this video, Moog President Mike Adams takes you on a tour of the new facility.

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It’s Bob Moog‘s 77th birthday. At least, it would have been, if he were still alive.

Moog Music engineer Steve Dunnington put together this ‘Mooged-out’ switched on version of Happy Birthday to commemorate the occasion, envisioning it as “stylistic mashup of Kraftwerk and Jean-Jacques Perry.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Moog a couple of times at the NAMM convention. I didn’t really talk with him in any depth, though, because it was clear that he was a very quiet and reserved man and was a bit uncomfortable with the attention he received.

I’m happy to have met him, though, because his work has had a huge influence on the music that I listen to and the way that I live my life.

Michelle Moog-Koussa, Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, shared a document today that is Bob Moog’s personal statement, written in November 1951, as part of his college application process.

He had some surprisingly honest and prescient things to say:

I devote most of my spare time to music and electronics research. I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, but I am not anti-social.

My vocational goal is that of an electronic engineer. My goal is to be an enlightened and respected member of my community. I believe that a college education will allow me to execute my ambitions.

Moog is recognized as the father of the synthesizer as we know it – so I’d say he executed on his ambitions.

What would you tell Bob Moog, if he were still alive today? How has his work influenced your life?