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Moog 3p Modular Synthesizer

The UC Berkeley Music Department is auctioning off a Moog 3P modular synthesizer that it has had in storage for decades:

Complete Moog 3P modular synthesizer
with sequencer option (2 sequencers total) and additional 3-piece high/low+coupler filter set

This unrestored Moog 3P has been in storage at a university for decades. It is being sold “as is”. However, it has been recently checked for functionality, which is very good–very few functional problems (documentation is available). Lots of dirty and/or intermittent jacks, pots, and switches, as expected in a unit of this age. Cosmetic condition is good to very good. Our suggested opening bid is $10,000.00. This is an extremely valuable instrument in good condition; please only contact seller if you have a serious interest in purchasing.

The modules included are–

Case 1
914, 905, 901A (2), 901B (6), Filter/attenuator, Mult panel, CV unit (2), mixer (2)

Case 2
904A, 904B, 904C, 901A, 901B (3), 903, 912, CV unit (3), mixer (2)

Case 3
902 VCA (4), 911 EG (4), 911A, 984 mixer, trigger/envelope module, controller interface module, power supply

Case 4
960 (2), 961, 962 (2)

Case 5 (wood case, no road case)
904A, 904B, 904C

Item 6 (no case)
950 keyboard controller (one key broken)

Item 7 (no case)
956 ribbon controller

Item 8
box of patch cables (audio and S-trigger) and power cables; schematics

Keeping a Moog 3P modular synthesizer in storage for decades and then auctioning it off seems like a big lost opportunity for students to work with a piece of music history. The auction, though, is a rare opportunity, too.

Auction details are available here.


YouTube Preview Image

Moog Music today announced the release of Phatty OS v.3.1, a major firmware upgrade to the Phatty family of analog synthesizers.

Details on the free update below. Read more…