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Yep – it’s another 2011 NAMM Show teaser video – this time from Teenage Engineering, who has this to say about their Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer:

If you’re at NAMM, please come by our booth, we’ll be showing a lot of new crazy features!

Based on reader comments – the most requested new crazy features for the OP-1 are:

  1. A ship date; and
  2. A price

What new crazy features are you hoping to see from the Teenage Engineering OP-1?

via teenageengineering


Teenage Engineering has released an update on the status of their much-hyped OP-1 synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say:

Project status

  • When it comes to functionality, 90% percent is completed and working.
  • Some parts of the system is still being fine tuned and optimized. Overall we are extremely happy with what we have.
  • The OP-1 will be shipped with 6 synthesizer engines and 2 sampler types. Pulse was shown at the NAMM show, the other synthesizer
  • engines are DrWave, FM, Phase, String, Digital, Cluster. Further it will include 8 effects, 3 LFO types and 3 original sequencers.
  • The Mixer section has a dedicated EQ and Drive as well as Master Balance and an additional Master Effect slot.
  • The Sequencers can be matched to the tape speed with a feature called Beat Match.
  • The Tape also have additional ONE-KEY features added that will be revealed at launch.

Beta test

  • The beta test is approaching. The beta sign up has been closed for quite some time. So wait and see if you are one of those we invite to participate.
  • When the beta machines will be released those invited have the option to buy a machine, get all updates and be credited in the manual.
  • Unfortunately we cannot give beta machines away for free or reduce the price.
  • We are very excited about this final phase when the feature set will be locked down and to get feedback from fresh eyes and ears.


  • We just received the golden sample for the keyboard module / plastic parts from the factory. And we are very satisfied with the look and feel of it.
  • The complexity level of the OP-1’s electronics makes component sourcing a bit tricky. As soon as we get the missing chips we will go into production with the first beta batch.
  • Shortly after, the first full production run will be started. So keep your fingers crossed that all this works out.

More details and some awesome Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth porn after the jump. Read more…