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Articles about MainStage:

Infinite Response announced at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show that Apple has released the Mainstage 2 Device Interface for the VAX77 MIDI Keyboard Controller.

Infinite Response and Apple have developed an operating mode called ‘Host Control’ that allows Mainstage 2 to display all its presets on the VAX77 touchscreen, and map all of its controllers to the VAX 77 controllers, via a USB connection. The tight integration allows for random-access, touchscreen control of presets within a Mainstage concert, and ‘latches’ the 9 MIDI CC sliders from the touchscreen to the main effects and EQ knobs on Mainstage 2.

This frees you from needing a computer screen nearby during performances. Read more…


This video, via Sam Square, covers the basics of Apple’s MainStage, including working with channel strips and the difference between the Concert, Set and Patch.

Topics covered include:

  • Uses of MainStage
  • Concert/set/patch and patch inspector area
  • Preferences
  • Create new channel strip
  • Setting the default channel strip
  • Creating a aux channel for shared effects
  • Using Aliases
  • The patch inspector
  • Program Changes and reorganizing

Read more…