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Articles about LinnStrument:

Saturday Synth Porn: Roger Linn has posted some updated images and details of the prototype of his rather awesome LinnStrument electronic music controller.

The LinnStrument is designed to offer what Linn calls ‘3D Note Expression’. On Linn’s new instrument, movement of each finger is sensed in three dimensions continuously and simultaneously :

  • Finger pressure for note loudness (or strike velocity for percussive sounds)
  • Finger left/right position for note pitch
  • Finger forward/backward position for note timbre

It’s polyphonic, so it’s able to capture this 3D note expression for all fingers simultaneously. Read more…


YouTube Preview Image

Roger Linn performs an excerpt from Air on a G String by J.S. Bach on his prototype of the LinnStrument.

The LinnStrument a new musical instrument, designed to have ‘3D Note Expression’.

The LinnStrument is capable of sensing independent and simulaneous pitch, timbre and expression data from each finger on each note within a grid. This allows you to slide pitches from one note to another and dynamically vary volume and the sound of each note.

The most interesting part of Linn’s YouTube video, though was a note from Linn that the LinnStrument was ‘coming from Roger Linn Design‘. No pricing or release date have been announced, though.

You can read Linn’s thoughts on the LinnStrument at his site.

via rogerlinndesign