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Korg Monotribe

Articles about Korg Monotribe:

Korg has released schematics for the Korg Monotribe – officially making the new analog synth a platform for synth DIY hacking.

The Korg Monotribe schematics can be downloaded from the Korg site. Note that, to download the schematics, you have to agree that any DIY mods that you do void your warranty.

Some of the mods that we’ve covered previously:

Have you done any Monotribe mods? Let us know in the comments!

Gameboy Genius has published an extensive set of photos and a blog post on how to add MIDI In and MIDI Out to a Korg Monotribe.

It includes a chart of the MIDI messages it can send and receive, along with thoughts on the pros and cons of the Monotribe MIDI mod.