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Klaus Schulze

Articles about Klaus Schulze:

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Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, via Martin Peters, was inspired by Klaus Schulze’s ’76 track Floating, from the classic Berlin School album, Moondawn.

Details on the track below. Read more…


Free Music Friday: Martin Peters, right, is a synthesist we’ve featured previously for his hypnotic synth jam YouTube videos.

If you’re a fan of Berlin School music – music in the tradition of the 70’s synth music pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze – you’ll want to check out Peters’ Attorks site.

Peters has an archive of his synth jam music videos, details on his equipment and a collection of free music that you can download.

You can preview one of these tracks, Change, below. Change features three interlocking sequences, driven by a Doepfer MAQ16/13, played on a modular, DIY modular and Creamware MiniMax ASB.