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Herbie Hancock

Articles about Herbie Hancock:

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Stalwart synthtopian MirlitronOne brought this video to our attention, raising the question of whether Matthew Bellamy of Muse might possibly have broken The Curse of Herbie Hancock.

The Curse Of Herbie Hancock (Google it) is the little-known, but unfortunate fact that Herbie Hancock is the only guy ever to look cool playing the keytar.

In the video for Undisclosed Desires, Bellamy is clearly seen holding a bizarre keytar axe-thing.

“Could be we’ve missed out on only the third keytar player to look cool (after Herbie Hancock and Brett Domino),” asks MirlitronOne, “Matt Bellamy?”

It’s good to know that readers are considering important questions like this.
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Lady Gaga's Keytar

Lady Gaga plays her awesomely strange keytar, which was customized by designer Gary Card.

Lady Gaga’s keytar looks like it may be a Roland AX-7 beneath the custom paint job and stylistic accoutrements.  Read more…