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Articles about hacking:


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DIGIMANCY, via crudface:

Welcome to the mico-galactic frontier.

Schematics, Source Code, PCB Layouts are available in the Muffwiggler forum.


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Make Magazine talks to Limor Fried, the creator of the Roland TB-303 clone x0xb0x, in the latest Make: Shorts:

Limor Fried is the founder and engineer behind Adafruit Industries which makes electronics kits that teach soldering, tinkering, and technology exploration.

One of their projects, the Tweet-a-Watt, is a wireless modification to a common off-the-shelf home energy monitor, the Kill-a-Watt. The Tweet-a-Watt not only monitors your energy consumption, it sends the information to Twitter so you can track it online, which reveals usage trends over time. Besides selling a Tweet-a-Watt kit, Adafruit has also put the open source plans online for all to freely build and share, creating a network of makers watching their usage and swapping energy-saving tips.

While the focus is on the Tweet-a-Watt, it’s still an interesting introduction to Fried and her approach to electronics DIY.

via makemagazine