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guitar synthesizer

Articles about guitar synthesizer:

SInevibes Turbulence Waveshape Sequencer

Sinevibes has introduced Turbulence,  an AudioUnit effect plugin designed for creating rich animated synth textures:

At the core, it employs unique waveshaping algorithms that drastically transform the input signal, enriching its spectral content. But most fun stuff comes from its flexible step sequencer which drives waveshape modulation, envelope matrix and model matrix, allowing you to create almost any rhythmical pattern imaginable. With all these tools combined,

Turbulence can easily turn simple waveforms into a huge variety of complex motion sounds with incredible richness and character.


  • Sequencer with up to 32 steps, variable swing and speed.
  • Waveshape matrix with 6 high-definition algorithms.
  • Envelope matrix with 6 shapes, adjustable time and smoothness.
  • Intuitive, high-contrast user interface.

Turbulence is available now for Mac OS 10.5 or later for $39.


Saturday Synth Porn: Synth porn or not?

The Roland GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer was Roland’s first guitar synth, pre-MIDI.

The synth module is controlled by a guitar with a special pickup system that connects to a synth module via Roland’s own 24-pin interface. It uses CV/GATE signals generated by the guitar’s pickup system.

The synthesizer module included Bass, Solo Synth, and String sounds. Sliders are available to adjust the VCO, VCF, VCA, and LFO sections, but no patch memory.

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