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granular synthesizer

Articles about granular synthesizer:

Free Granular Synthesizer For  Mac, Windows

Giorgio Nottoli, Michelangelo Nottoli, Giovanni Costantini, Andrea Angelini, Massimiliano Todisco have released Texture 3.0, a granular synth for Mac & Windows.

Texture is based on Asyncronous Granular Synthesis, using an algorithm developed by Giorgio Nottoli [Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Roma].

It generates a grains’ flow in which the way each grain follows the other depends on probabilistic parameters such as grain density (attack/sec), overlapping, synchronism and fade of each grain.

The spectrum generated by the synthesis could be harmonic, expanded or contracted according to the value of frequency exponent parameter; the result will be a sound texture that can change from noisy fragmented sounds, to metallic and tuneless sounds such as bells, finally to harmonic sounds similar to strings or choirs. Read more…


Reaktor Sampler Pack is a new collection of three granular sampling instruments for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Each instrument “has its own character and purpose”:

  • Frame 2 is a simple looping sampler designed for live control of loop points and other parameters.
  • Loupe is a polyphonic looping slicer for quickly mapping arbitrary (that is, non-beatsliced) sections of a sample to different MIDI keys.
  • Mirage is a granular sampler inspired by the music of Tim Hecker, Peter’s laziness, and his disorganization (those are Peter’s words…).

The Reaktor Sampler Pack is available as three separate downloads. Frame 2 is a free download, while Loupe and Mirage are $15 each.

Details and audio demos at the site.