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Glenn Marshall

Articles about Glenn Marshall:

Generative visual artist Glenn Marshall has announced that he’s bringing his piece Metamorphosis to the Apple iPad.

Metamorphosis has proved more popular than anything else I’ve done.  It’s been my ‘big hit’. I often contemplate this.  Maybe because it’s not ‘too’ abstract, the eternal symbolism of the Butterfly, coupled with a generative animation concept that mirrors the cycle of life and death, and the potent atmosphere from the Boards of Canada soundtrack.

He also mentions that he’s adding video output support to all his iPad apps:

all my generative apps for iPad (Eyegasm, Supernova) are getting updated for VGA projection, with added speed & color settings.  I’m also updating Zio at the minute for iOS 4 – which will also have VGA support!

This is a welcome move. Marshall’s generative visuals seem like a natural complement to synthesized sounds. Used with a projector, this could provide interesting background visuals or input for VJ remixing.



Generative visualist Glenn Marshall has announced Eyegasm (App Store link) – a gorgeous new ambient visualization app for the iPad.

It’s essentially a version of Zio, but without the menus and configurability options (p.s. you can still run Zio in ‘upscaled’ mode on the iPad too of course).

Eyegasm however is HD – and takes full advantage of the hi res screen on the iPad.

We’d like to see Marshall release an iPad visualizer that’s an expanded version of Zio, vs a stripped down version, But in the meantime, $1.99 is pretty cheap for an Eyegasm.


Eyegasm functions much like a lava lamp, or an aquarium – add a soothing, animated visual experience to your room, heart and mind. Beautiful, endlessly generating organic visuals take full advantage of the iPad’s amazing screen resolution and graphical capabilities. Use pinch and touch gestures to freely move, zoom and rotate.