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Articles about fuzz:

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The A.S.M.O. Atari Fuzz Bazooka is a sort of bazooka synthesizer, based on a stepped tone generator circuit (Atari Punk Console), fuzz circuit, LM386 amp circuit, cardboard tube and a cheap toy gun.

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Bill Ruppert of Electro Harmonix is back with another impressive Effectology demo – this time recreating Welcome to the Machine with effects pedals, an electric shaver and a phone.

The original recording, from the 1975 album Wish You Were Here, used an EMS VCS 3, ARP String Ensemble and Mini-Moog synthesizers.

Ruppert used a boatload of effects pedals to recreate the sounds – so you could argue that he effectively uses a modular synthesizer made of effects pedals. Get Rupperts secrets at the EHX site.