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Formula Sound

Articles about Formula Sound:

formula soundFormula Sound has followed up the launch of its new FF-4000 modular mixer by announcing that the unit is now available with a factory-fitted Pro X Fade crossfader from Eclectic Breaks (Ebsel). This new crossfader has been receiving highly enthusiastic reviews in the media, and its inclusion as an option on the FF-4000 (and also on Formula Sound’s larger 6-channel FF–6000) reflects the growing reputation that these FF Series mixers are enjoying among the DJ and club market.

“We weren’t surprised at the great reaction that the original FF-6000 6-channel mixer received from the DJ community when it was launched in 2005,” comments Formula Sound’s Barry Penaligon. “The mixer was designed in conjunction with Funktion-One and a panel of leading DJs. We took the DJs’ comments on board and provided the things they asked for such as larger control knobs on the most frequently used functions and a separate effects loop accessible at each end of the crossfader.

“We looked at the whole FF Series concept again when we came to make our new FF-4000 4-channel version and that provided the ideal opportunity to give the DJ an even greater choice by introducing the Pro X Fade, which is probably the most advanced and ‘DJ friendly’ analogue crossfader currently available.”

Both the FF-4000 and FF-6000 will still allow the user to switch between linear and rotary channel faders via an optional extra fader panel.

Formula Sound’s FF-4000 is believed to be the first mixer to be available with the Pro X Fade factory fitted. The Pro X Fade crossfader allows DJs to change the physical feel of the fader to suit their individual needs. A set of easily accessible rotary controls enable the cut-in points of the fader to be altered between instant on/off or gradual volume increase modes. It features 100% conductive plastic tracks for longer fader life, a wider stem to withstand repeated heavy usage and easy access for lubricating and cleaning the fader-pole.

Commenting on the combination of the Formula Sound FF-4000 and the Pro X Fade Eclectic Breaks director, Siya Fakher, says, “This mixer is really tried and tested and feels very solid. The inclusion of the Pro X Fade will make it even more appealing to DJs, and to venues and bars where a variety of DJs perform different genres of music that all make heavy use of the crossfader. This makes the Formula Sound the perfect option for rugged environments and including the Pro X Fade crossfader makes this mixer more versatile, especially for the new generation of DJs who are more technically proficient and use scratching techniques in their sets.”


formula soundAt PLASA 06, Formula Sound will be unveiling its new FF-4000 4-channel model and will display this alongside the brand new AVC2D intelligent level control unit and the recently introduced PM-80R 8-channel mixer.

The 4-channel FF-4000 DJ mixer takes all the best features that have made the existing 6-channel FF-6000 so popular and offers them in a more compact, lower-priced unit. Customer feedback was an important influence on the creation of this flexible and user-friendly new mixer that is intended to deliver top-end audio quality for smaller applications.

The original FF-6000 mixer was designed in collaboration with both UK loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion – One and a panel of leading DJs and the features those DJs asked for are now also available on the FF– 4000. These include rugged construction, outstanding sound quality, the opportunity to switch between linear and rotary channel faders, and large control knobs on the most frequently used functions. To complete the picture both the original FF- 6000 and the new FF– 4000 are available with an optional PRO-X high performance scratch cross fader.

Formula Sound’s brand new AVC2D intelligent level control unit will also be shown at PLASA. The original version of this unit helped establish some of today’s industry standards for noise control, and the new AVC2D builds on this by incorporating the very latest technology and offering additional features

Designed to help venues comply with today’s strict music level regulations the AVC2D is a versatile and reliable automatic level control that can work with any type of audio system. It can accept a microphone as its audio source and offers optional twin-mono or single stereo modes, a new easy-to-read display and the prospect of future software upgrades to enhance performance.

The Formula Sound PM-80R marks the reappearance of a modular mixer concept that first made its mark 25 years ago. Although the original and legendary PM-80 mixer has been out of production for over 10 years, Formula Sound bowed to customer demand and reintroduced the concept that found success in countless venues around the world.

The PM-80R’s flexible 8-channel format also incorporates subtle design changes that reflect the ways today’s mixers are used. Its features include offers independent gain, treble, mid, bass and pan controls on each channel, and a master section which provides separate booth, auxiliary, monitor and zone controls plus an easily-readable L.E.D. output meter and a headphone socket.