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EMS Synthi

Articles about EMS Synthi:

YouTube Preview Image

This is a video demo of the Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Mini Vostok) Analogue Synthesizer. 

Key Features of the Telemetry synthesizer:

  • Pure analogue voice circuitry
  • Patch points to allow more sound types, and to cross-patch with your modular synths
  • Mini Pin Matrix patch panel to eliminate the use of some patch cables
  • Plenty of modulation possibilities
  • Rugged steel construction
  • MIDI In for software sequencer / keyboard control


  • MIDI-CV converter: pitch, auxiliary CV outputs, and Gate.
  • VCO1: CV In, PW In, Sawtooth Out, Square Out.
  • VCO2: CV In, PW In, Sync In, Saw Out, Square Out, 3x Sub VCO Outs.
  • VCLPF: 2x Sig In, 2x CV In, VCA CV In, Sig Out. Moog style transistor ladder filter.
  • VC LFO1: Saw, Inverted Saw, Square, Triangle outs, Freq CV In.
  • LFO2: Triangle and Square Outs.
  • Sample And Hold: Sig In, Clock In, Sig Out.
  • White Noise
  • Envelope: Trig In, Normal and Inverted Outputs. EMS style repeat feature.
  • X/Y non-sprung Joystick
  • 10×10 signal matrix Patch Panel
  • 10 Shorting pins included

The Analogue Solutions Telemetry is priced at £1099 exc. tax & delivery. Details at the Analogue Solutions siteRead more…


The Synthi AKS KS Expander is an expansion add-on for the Synthi AKS Keyboard Sequencer (KS) that is under development.

The Synthi AKS KS Expander interfaces with the Synthi AKS via the male/female 8-pin Jones connectors on the main Synthi unit and KS, and the special EMS pin cable. The standard connecting cable is removed between the KS and Synthi and the unit’s own cables are used instead.

Pricing is TBD. Technical details below. Read more…