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Articles about ElectroKraft:

Tony Amendolare at ElectroKraft has created a unique new music controller for the NES, the Sonic DrumAxe.

Tony’s always coming up with unusual instruments (see our previous ElectroKraft coverage), and the Sonic DrumAxe is no exception.

The Sonic DrumAxe is a controller that connects to the Nintendo NES video game system. Used with the Super Synth Drums cartridge, you can use the DrumAxe to create true 8-bit NES percussion/drum sounds.

You wear the Sonic DrumAxe like a guitar. There are 7 touch sensors which you tap to produce sounds.

The Sonic DrumAxe is a custom instrument, but Tony says this one is for sale and ready to ship. It includes the Super Synth Drums cartridge, cable to connect the DrumAxe to the NES, the Sonic DrumAxe controller, power adapter and one NES gamepad.

Tony’s looking for offers over $299. Inquiries to Tony at ElectroKraft (at)


Tony Amendolare at ElectroKraft has introduced Super Synth Drums – an NES cartridge that runs the machine into a drum synth.

Super Synth Drums is a genuine Nintendo NES cartridge that transforms your original NES, or clone system (Yobo, Generation Nex) into an 8 bit percussion instrument. Just plug the cartridge into your Nintendo NES system (or clone), and connect to an amplifier or TV for audio.

Super Synth Drums sells for $49.

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