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electroacoustic music

Articles about electroacoustic music:

Matthijs Munnik’s Microscopic Opera is an abstract opera, performed by the micro-organism C. elegans – a tiny worm of less than a mm in length, and the workhorse for genomics research.

Here’s what Munnik has to say about the work:

The completely worms are monitored by scientist from their first cell division to their death and have gone trough thousands of generations of manmade mutations and alterations.

In this piece I give them a little influence in the macroscopic world outside their petridish.

Each petridish contains different strains of C.elegans, that each move in a different way. All petridishes are filmed with a usb microscope and shown live on one of the five screens. Special software translates the movements of the worms into sound in real time. (5 channel)


This video captures Rainlith 2 – Kinectic sound art piece:

On Rainlith, the primitive naturally granular sound of a big rainstick gets explored in real-time by cyber-age sound manipulation tools.

It’s an interactive piece in witch the movement of the audience’s body activates an electric motor, making a reflex movement on the structure that embraces the instrument.

The sound of the rainstick is captured and processed in realtime, and sent 24 meters above, filling the empty space of a old industrial cereal container. The reverberated acoustic mix is then received back by the audience in the spot right below the opening of the container.

Technical details  below. Read more…