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Eigenharp Tau

Articles about Eigenharp Tau:

YouTube Preview Image

This video, via Eigenlabs, offers a musical demonstration on all 3 Eigenharps, with a detailed explanation of what went on at the end.

See the Eigenlabs site and our previous Eigenlabs posts for more info on the Eigenharps.


The Eigenharp

YouTube Preview Image

This promo video, via Eigenlabs, introduces the Eigenharp line of electronic musical instruments.

The Eigenharp is a unique new musical instrument that combines a matrix of velocity sensitive multi-expressive keys, a built-in wind controller, ribbon controller strips, percussion keys and a built-in step sequencer.

See our previous Eigenharp posts for more details, including coverage of the Eigenharp Alpha, Eigenharp Tau, and Eigenharp Pico.

More details at the Eigenlabs site.