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Articles about editing:

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Developer Woojijuice has announced Hokusai – a new multi-track audio editor for the iOS.

Here’s what they have to say about Hokusai:

Hokusai is a multi-track audio editor — like a word-processor for sound. It’s for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, subtly adjusting its interface to fit the different devices.

You can grab audio from a bunch of different sources — recording in to it, importing from various file types via USB or Dropbox, transferring recordings from Sylo Synth or other apps, using the built-in synth tools, and so on.

Then, you can chop and change to your heart’s content: select bits, cut and paste them around, apply all sorts of different filters, mix down tracks… the full version of Hokusai includes over 35 tools for munging audio.

When you’re happy with it, export to wave or AAC/M4A (MPEG4) format, again via USB or Dropbox or by sending it to other apps.

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Image Line has introduced FL Studio 10 – the latest version of its popular digital audio workstation – adding 64-bit plugin support, improved memory management, unlimited Fruity scoring and automation flexibility and more.

Here’s what’s new:

  • 64 bit plugin support – The Wrapper now automatically detects 64 bit plugins and opens them in 64 Bit ‘Bridged’ mode (see below).
  • ‘New pattern’ (+) button – On the Channel Window / Step Sequencer. Add a Pattern and open the naming window.
  • Small scrollbars in editors – Smaller scrollbar for the Piano roll, Event Editor, Playlist etc. See F10 > General Settings.
  • Horizontal zoom – Improved Playlist, Piano roll & Event Editor.
  • Improved memory management – Two changes have been made to lower demands on FL Studio’s memory allocation. 1. 32 & 64 Bit VST plugins can be opened in ‘Bridged’ mode. The maximum memory available to the plugin will be at least 2 Gb for 32 Bit Windows and up to 192 Gb depending on your version of 64 Bit Windows. 2. Audio Clips & Sampler Channels Keep on disk option now opens the sample in a separate memory allocation. Each Audio Clip / Sampler Channel can now load a sample of at least 2 Gb for 32 Bit & 64 Bit Windows versions.
  • Improved audio options – ASIO: ‘Mix in bufferswitch’ and ‘Triple buffer’ may improve performance with some ASIO drivers. ASIO/Primary Sound: Revised ‘Playback tracking’ options to help with alignment of visual & recorded events where soundcard problems exist.
  • Autosave / Autobackup – FL Studio can now be set to back up the current project at 5 to 15 minute intervals. Never lose project data again!
  • FL Studio Fruity Edition – Now gains access to Playlist Pattern Clips for unlimited scoring and automation flexibility.

Image Line describes FL Studio 10 as “the fastest way from your brain to your speakers.”

See the FL Studio site for details.

Good news for FL Studio users? Let us know what you think in the comments……