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EAR Group

Articles about EAR Group:

Vicmod is calling for people “ripped off” by EAR/Plan B to complain to the government:

Peter Grenader is ripping off customers, distributors and now employees!

If you are affected by Plan B and Peter Grenader please I urge you to make a formal complaint to Even if you are outside the US ..It takes about 2 minutes to fill out. You wont see your modules again so this is justice!

I don’t have any direct experience with Plan B – but the comments of former employees suggest that the company is completely self-destructing:

I would like to say one very important thing.

There are a number of modules in the shop for repair. Most of those modules have been sitting there since i arrived in February. Rather then making an attempt at fixing them peter instead pulls parts from them, or instructs us to pull parts, which we then use to make *new* modules. I’ve already talked with a fellow synth manufacturer about this and he recommended informing people about this pronto since it is clearly wrong. I decided to wait until i was officially out, and for that i apologize.

That’s about all i would like to say for now. I still have a friend employed at plan b who is waiting for a paycheck tomorrow, peter already stiffed me on mine this week. Thus, i don’t want to say anything else that might effect roger buying peter’s stuff this week and thus fucking over yet another plan b employee. One a week is enough i would hope. (roger if your reading this, please buy peters stuff tomorrow so a least one employee can get paid, luckily i have a family in new york i can go back to, but the other employee is very much dependent on that check.)

If you’ve worked with Plan B, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the situation below.


plan-b-synthesizerVicmod, the blog of synthesists Ross Healy and Brett Maddafor, says “DO NOT DEAL WITH PLAN B“, Peter Grenader’s Electro-Acoustic Research:

This information is to protect others.

I wish to advise anyone interested in purchasing modular synth modules to not deal with PLAN B and/or Peter Grenader.

With the time I have spent dealing with modular companies I have never come across a person who abuses his customers and STEALS MONEY from them and/or never replaced faulty stock like Peter has done.

ELBY DESIGN (Once distributor for Plan B)is owed $6k from Peter.

MANY other customers have paid for modules that have never arrived or modules sent for repair that have not been returned.

There are reams more posts from people with complaints about Plan B at the Muff Wiggler forum.

It’s terrible to see so many unhappy customers, when Grenader has some great ideas about modular synths.

Have you dealt with EAR (Plan B)? If so, leave a comment with your thoughts on the experience and the gear you got.