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Ean Golden

Articles about Ean Golden:

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Controllerist Ean Golden demonstrates the new MIDI Fighter Pro midi controllers with an “improv remix of skrillex and an Acapella of Toxic“.

Details on the the MIDI Fighter Pro are are available at the DJ Tech Tools store. You can download the mapping for the MIDI Fighter Pro here.


YouTube Preview Image

DJ TechTools has released a new line of DJ Controllers, Midi Fighter Pro.

Four models are available – Beat Masher, Cue Master, Super Knob, XX Fader – each priced at $349.

Here’s what designer Ean Golden has to say about the new controllers

For the past year , we have been experimenting with various midi fighter configurations in our search to find the perfect controllerist instrument.

After much exploration, I settled on 4 popular layouts that combine playability, function and strength into one powerful surface.

Golden adds “If you are looking for a super unique and powerful midi instrument, the midi-fighter pro is hard to beat.”

Photos and details below.  Read more…