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drum synthesis

Articles about drum synthesis:

Synapse Audio has introduced EKS Pro, a VST/Audio Unit plugin for Mac & Windows, designed for creating electronic kickdrum sounds.

The plugin offers six high-quality sound models, a mix of vintage hardware emulations, and new, modern kick drum sound models. Despite their fundamentally different nature, all models respond to the sound parameters in largely the same way.

The user interface is organized into four sections controlling the pitch, the amplitude and pitch envelopes and its curvature, the attack stage and finally pitch modulation. This layout makes it simple and straightforward to program your own patches or modify existing ones.

EKS Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available now for US $39. A free demo is available.


Minispillage Pro

AudioSpillage has introduced a new OS X software drum synth, MiniSpillage Pro.

MiniSpillage Pro takes the core drum modelling technology from MiniSpillage and fuses it with a new sample playback engine and integrated on-board sequencing facilities. The pro version bridges the sampler gap, allowing you to mix and match synthetic drums with your existing sample collection.

Here’s what AudioSpillage has to say about MiniSpillage Pro:

Use a sampled kick drum for the attack transient and create a booming decay with the synthetic bass drum (and vice versa). Re-sculpt your existing samples with the pitch envelope and modulation capabilities. Set up custom start frame and loop points or liven up your existing sample sets with the onboard overdrive, decimation and filter effects.

MiniSpillage Pro is equipped with 4 drum synthesis models: BassDrum, WoodDrum, HiHat and Snare. The Snare model is new whilst the remaining models have been meticulously retuned, recalibrated and improved upon those available in the regular MiniSpillage. The drum models are 100% algorithmic and utilise high quality DSP code rather than pre-recorded sound samples for their drum sounds.

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