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drum pads

Articles about drum pads:

YouTube Preview Image

This Propellerhead Record tutorial  demonstrates a TouchOSC drum pad interface on the Apple iPad, configured to trigger a Redrum Drum Machine in Propellerhead Record + Reason.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Patch details below. Read more…


Thinking about getting a MIDI drum pad controller?

DJ Tech Tools has a great smackdown between the Korg PadKontrol, the M-Audio Trigger Finger and the Akai MPD 24

They compared the MIDI drum pad controller 8 ways:

  • features
  • build quality
  • ergonomics
  • what’s in the box
  • ease of MIDI configuration
  • looks
  • price
  • mixing challenge

The bottom line:

“The Akai MPD24 kicked ass in every round that mattered in this smack down (6 our of 8). OK, it’s a bit more pricey than the Trigger Finger and it doesn’t have as much software as either of the other two but it’s built like a tank and really has a pro feel to it.”

See the full smackdown for the details.