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De La Mancha

Articles about De La Mancha:


de la Mancha has introduced loophole, a MIDI-triggered loop sampler that lets you play sections of up to 4 different loops, using midi notes to control which section of which loop plays.

You can load any 4 loops and sync them to host tempo, then, using MIDI notes, you can play the loops, switching between loops, playing several loops and defining which sections play. You also get a visual display of the loops, the play position and which sections are being played. The multi-out version lets you apply further effects processing to each loop separately. Loophole also has a volume envelope per loop to declick or fade in/out. Read more…



De La Mancha has unleased bassbomb, a monophonic bass synthesizer focused on creating a wide range of bass sounds.

It features custom waveforms, a composite filter and non-linear envelopes to give that “old school synth sound”, with 2 LFOs and 3 envelopes.

It retails for $24. If you’ve used BassBomb, leave a comment with your thoughts! Read more…