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dark ambient music

Articles about dark ambient music:

free-halloween-mixSolipsistic Nation, a free electronic podcast, has unleashed their Halloween mix for this year.

solipsistic NATION No. 165: Geas features dark ambient music, industrial sounds and abstronica.

Tip: Make this your house’s soundtrack for Halloween and it will scare the kids away and you can keep all the candy.

You can preview the mix below.


robert-rich-live-archiveAmbient artist Robert Rich has made seven of his concerts, spanning twenty years of performance, available in downloadable digital format.

Each concert is available separately.

This release comes on the 20th anniversary of the 1989 radio concert in Paris that forms the first of these downloads. Each concert appears mostly in its entirety, lightly edited by Rich to fit under 80 minutes per set when needed. A few technical glitches are repaired, but otherwise all the quirks of live performance remain. Read more…