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computer music software

Articles about computer music software:

Pete TownshendThe Who’s Pete Townshend, with the help of mathematician and composer Lawrence Ball and software engineer David Snowdon, has created a computer system called The Method which allows users to make unique pieces of music created by inputting personal information, sounds and a rhythm. Users will ‘sit’ for the software in the same way a person would pose for a portrait painting, and the compositions created will be posted on the site.

Townshend plans to use the music created on the web on the next Who album as long as his bandmate Roger Daltrey gives the project the go-ahead.

Speaking at the launch of The Method yesterday (25.05.07), Townshend said “When I first had this idea John Entwistle and Keith Moon were still alive and in the band. They were very dismissive of it.”

“But today, The Who is just me and Roger Daltrey. If I was going to work with this idea, I would want to do it full on and if Roger was into it then I don’t see why we couldn’t make an album.” Read more…


Studio to GoStudio to Go! is a CD of integrated music software that runs direct from a computer CD drive. The CD is designed to run on any Windows compatible PC and to configure itself to the system and sound hardware automatically.

The CD includes a Linux operating system and a large collection of music applications. Read more…