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Articles about chipophone:

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Sunday Synth Jam: Linus Akesson performs his Chipophone arrangement of the ‘high score’ theme from Monty On The Run, composed by Rob Hubbard in 1985. Arranged for left hand and pedals.

The Chipophone is a custom 8-bit synth conversion of an old organ, designed for the performance of chip music.

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Sunday Synth Jam: Linus Akesson has a special 8-bit synth jam this week.

The video gets off to a bumpy start, but don’t give up – Akesson is never going to let you down. Soon his hands are running around the keyboard in his Chipophone performance of Metroid, Part 2.

via lftkryo:

A couple of themes from the original metroid game for the nes, somewhat replaced with completely different material. This chipophone video intentionally left silly.