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Brian Transeau

Articles about Brian Transeau:

BT has shared his thoughts on getting nominated for the 53rd annual Grammy Awards for Best Electronic Album, for These Hopeful Machines.

His response to the nomination is surprisingly raw and personal. He talks about being inspired by some of the greats of popular electronic music as a 13-year old kid and how that inspiration has continued to drive him over the years.

Whether or not you’re a BT fan, we think you’ll find something inspirational in his story.

Because of this, and because we think it’s a story that many readers will be able to relate to on some level, we’re embedding BT’s story below.

See his full post on his Facebook page, and let us know what you think of his story, too. Read more…


iZotope, Inc. has acquired Sonik Architects, the music technology company founded by composer and audio production pioneer Brian Transeau (BT).

The most interesting aspect of the agreement for electronic musicians may be iZotope’s plans to  release products designed by BT, including Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker. The company will also take over development and licensing for the Sonifi collaborative music platform for mobile devices.

“BT’s innovative production techniques have influenced a whole generation of music makers across every genre of music,” says iZotope co-founder and CEO Mark Ethier. “iZotope is thrilled to collaborate with BT to launch new products born out of his need for performance and production tools that did not previously exist.” Read more…